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How Technology Demands a Different Approach to Your Job


“Technology has created a shift in the way we work day-to-day. In ways large and small, it’s made tasks easier. None of us can live without tech in the workplace, and we are often thankful at how it has improved our productivity.”

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Technology is great! It has improved our lives in so many ways. It has made the world both smaller and larger by allowing us to easily build relationships with others around the globe and have access to new places and information.

It’s also changed the way we work. Instead of waiting on someone to be in the office or return your call, you can reach them with a few strokes of your keyboard, clicks of a mouse or taps on a smartphone. Staying connected has never been more convenient. Enter the double-edged sword.

Although we utilize technology with the intention of speeding up a process or more quickly getting our checklist completed, there are times when we get lost in it. Have you ever found yourself floating around in the endless universe of the Internet or caught up in figuring out the newest gadget or web-based service? I have. It can be downright overwhelming to keep up with the latest invention that is supposed to help you be more productive.

Another trap we can all fall into is workaholic mode. When you have 24/7 access to your email and a cloud-based database, it’s sometimes difficult to hang it up for the day and focus on the personal aspects of life. We’ve been conditioned to be “on” and available all the time. In my opinion, it’s not healthy. There has to be time set aside for family, friends, hobbies, time off and personal tasks, otherwise life can quickly spin out of control.

While I am grateful for the opportunities technology provides, I try to keep my “connected” time in check so that my life feels more balanced and I’m performing my best while at work.