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Are you OVER communicating?


“Several years ago, I was having an conversation with someone at Brains on Fire and frankly, I was struggling with expressing my thoughts and ideas. My very bright co-worker, who was on the other end of this struggle, said something to me that changed my world.

“You know what your problem is Robbin? You tend to over communicate.”

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There is great advice in Robbin’s blog post. The most important thing I took from the article was the first technique – “Sleep on it.”

Just the other day, I was frustrated with someone who had failed (multiple times) to keep a promise. When I get angry, sad or frustrated I can express my thoughts and feelings best through writing. So, I opened my Notes app and started typing out a message to my friend explaining my frustration. Instead of sending the message right away, I decided to put down my phone and sleep on it for a day. If I still felt the need to express how I felt in 24 hours, I would send the message.

I already felt a sense of relief from putting my feelings on paper, and the next day my friend reached out to me and took a step toward keeping their commitment.

Getting better at communicating is a never-ending personal and professional journey, and it’s great to run across little reminders like this blog post when I need it most.