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Here Are 5 Ways to Achieve a Positive State of Mind


“As an entrepreneur, one of my most important keys to success is staying positive – especially when facing the inevitable obstacles of running a business. People often ask, “How can you be so happy?” Because I choose to be. We all have lives full of complexities and trials.”

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With unforgiving snow and ice in the Farmington area over the past couple weeks, I can feel a difference in the moods of some friends, family, colleagues and even myself. Who can really blame us? We need sunshine, and we have forgotten what the grass looks like!

At the end of the day, though, our moods are affected more by our own attitude and thoughts than the weather or anything else going on around us. It may be a cliche, but life is what you make it. When we’re in a negative state of mind everything suffers. We’re not our best selves which means we have less chance of reaching our desired goals. When you’re a business owner or entrepreneur, having a positive state of mind is imperative because your livelihood depends on being successful. I hope the five tips that Monica Zent presents in her article help you forget about the cold weather outside and focus on what’s positive in your life.