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3 Great Ways to Create an Emotional Bond with Customers


“As a consumer, you’re probably more likely to buy something when you have an emotional tie to the product or service, I’m willing to bet. So, entrepreneurs would be wise to ensure that their marketing strategy creates emotional bonds with their target market.”

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You’ll hear us say often to our chamber members, “People do business with people they know, like and trust.”

You won’t develop a personal bond with customers through purely transactional business strategies – focusing only on the numbers, being too aggressive in closing a sale, thinking about what’s in it for you. Relational techniques have to also be incorporated into your business strategy and culture to create loyal customers. I love the example in Jesse Torres’ article about the coffee shop that puts out fresh water bowls for their dog-walking customers. That’s truly creating an emotional bond. Those customers know the business owner recognizes and caters to something very important to them.

Just as Jesse points out, successful businesses with great customer relations focus on winning over the hearts, minds and emotions of their customers, not just their wallets. What do you do to get to know your customers and provide them with an emotional experience? What is the fresh water bowl in your business?