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Should I Use AI For My Business?

April 24, 2024

Should I Use AI for My Business? AI is certainly the “Belle of the Ball” these days but it’s also coming under scrutiny. It can save businesses a lot of time, but many professionals are afraid of what the adoption might mean. Is it right for you and your business? First, unless you are off…

Anatomy of a Blog Post

March 18, 2024

Anatomy of a Blog Post Want a sure-fire way to get more traction on your business blog posts? Make sure each post contains these important pieces. Many small businesses are starting to realize the importance of good content. But what makes content good? Better yet, what makes for great content? While it starts with something…

AI for Business: Bewares and Boasts

March 8, 2024

AI for Business: Bewares and Boasts Practical ways to use it in business and what to avoid   At first glance, especially for people who have trouble writing or have difficulty starting and collecting their thoughts at a keyboard, AI can feel like the smartest kid in the class offering to do your homework for…

Four Ways to Look Your Best on a Conference Call

March 4, 2024

Four Ways to Look Your Best on a Conference Call Be honest. Do you love or hate video conferencing? There’s nothing more awkward than dialing into a conference call only to find out it’s a video conference call and you haven’t showered since the weekend. Even if you have showered, video calls can be awkward…

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